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Latest Entries

Made in Australia: My Maton Collection.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 5.17.47 pm

Remember a few years ago I was talking about doing a book with an amazing Maton collector from Sydney named Wadih Hanna?

Well, after 4 years work (and over 10 for Wadih) it’s done!? >You can buy it here!

Cole Clark Mistress


A forgotten and under appreciated Australian classic.

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1963 Maton Ibis Bass – Custom


Some people (like me) think it’s sacrilege when a vintage Maton is modified. In this case, it’s created my dream bass.

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Maton Fyrbyrd family


After nearly 13 years, I’ve reached a Maton nerd milestone… one of each Fyrbyrd model. From FB620 to FBFX. Continue reading…

Maton Fyrbyrd FBFX


This is probably one of the last Maton’s I’ll be buying… the rare FBFX.

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Peavey Destiny Custom USA


Finally after 20+ years, I’ve got a Peavey Destiny again…

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Maton Goldline 750


A beautifully restored example of the rare Maton Goldline 750

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Maton Sapphire Deluxe 303/6


My “one for one” rule… while painful… sometimes pays off.

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Maton El Toro


A rare addition to my Maton collection – the mighty El Toro

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The Music That Maton Made


A review on the newly released book: “The Music That Maton Made”

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